Insightly web services and data sync tool transforms web data into SQL data and reports it locally to Microsoft Excel, powered by Vivid Reports Flex was created to bring powerful and Reporting options to the Insightly community. We have used Insightly CRM for many years in our business. However, we found that we wanted more control over our reports and data, the ability to access our Insightly CRM data directly through a SQL Server, and the ability to use other reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel® and ™. This allowed us to create highly customizable reports that we can easily automate and distribute, even to non-Insightly users. It has worked so well for us that we thought we would offer these same tools to other Insightly users!


There are two product options to choose from.


Vivid ETL™: Syncing your Insightly CRM data to a Microsoft SQL Server®


This tool syncs with Insightly web services / API to extract your Insightly Web Data and convert it into Microsoft SQL® data. You may configure this tool to send the data to a Microsoft SQL Server® of your choice. If you do not have a Microsoft SQL Server®, you can send the data to a private Microsoft SQL Server® database that we host on Microsoft Azure®. This is included with Vivid ETL at no extra charge and allows for a maximum database size of 10 GB.


: Powerful Excel® based reporting with a set of Starter Reports


This is a powerful Excel® based reporting platform. We have partnered with Vivid Reports™ to bring the Insightly community one Vivid Flex report builder license. This allows you to run the base set of reports (that are included with this option) and to leverage Vivid Flex to build your own custom reports for internal use.


Additional report user licenses can be purchased and reports can also be hosted and exposed over a web application powered by Vivid Flex™. Please contact us for more information or to request a customized quotation.

Vivid ETL Login and Transfer Guide for Insightly CRM

A quick step-by-step guide on how to login and transfer Insightly CRM data with Vivid Reports’ Vivid ETL tool.